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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reference Links

Overviews of the Science:
Sea Levels:
Sea levels The Hawaiian case
Sea Levels: Den Helder 
Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' 
1.61mm/yr steady sea level rise past century   
Sea Level Rise: An Update Shows a Slowdown 
Sea Level Scam
Rates of sea-level change over the past century GRL 2009: 1.61 +- .19 mm/yr
Varies greatly by region 
Sea Level Graphs from UC and some perspective
Antarctica and the Myth of Deadly Rising Seas
Falling in Arctic
Rahmstorf flawed paper
EPA Report

Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Levels in Satellite Era 
A Christmas Story: Some Facts about Greenland
Climate Skeptic questions conventional thinking
Mars is melting 
The Truth about Arctic and Greenland Ice 
Ice Caps and Sea Levels – from The Great Global Warming Swindle

Ice Cores:

A processing aliasing artefact in the early Quelccaya ice core record
Vostok graph
Some Perspective

Data Manipulation:

Hansen's Global Temperatures
Is the earth getting warmer or cooler? 
Climategate email


Effect of temperature on the equilibrium pressure of the CO2 over the seawater
What really happened?
Atmospheric CO2 & Global Warming, a critical review Jaworowski
Historic Variations in CO2 measurements
Residence Time ~5 years
Evidence CO2 is not associated with dangerous global warming
Why CO2 can not be blamed for global warming
Realistic projections
Based on plant stomata
Vostok data Temp leads CO2
EIA CO2 contributions
Greenhouse Effect simplified

 Ocean Oscillations:

Variations in PDO over past millenium 
The 18.6-year period moon-tidal cycle in Pacific Decadal Oscillation reconstructed from tree-rings in western North America
PDO variability since 1661
50-70 yr climatic oscillation
PDO v Temp
Maybe ocean oscillations are important
Rebuttals to Nature Rules Climate paper
Two natural components of the recent climate change

Revisionist Climate History:

Newsweek the cooling world
Reader's Digest- What's happening to our climate 
National Geographic
“global cooling consensus” CIA document dated 1974 
Climate Changes Called Ominous NYT 1975 
1974 CIA document 

Michael Mann:
Climate Depot Fact Sheet
Technology Review on Mann's Hockey Stick:"an artifact of poor mathematics"
Examiner article

Models v. Observations:
Lindzen &Choi

Other non-CO2 Theories of Climate Change:
Greenhouse Theory Smashed by Biggest Stone

Physics of Atmospheres
convection discussion

Paleomar project
Abrupt Climate Change
Medieval Warming Period was Global

Al Gore:
Gore on his investments 
1st carbon billionaire  

Vostok Station

Polar Bears:
Population has increased over last 30 years

2 papers predicting current interglacial will be extended:

Ocean Acidification:
WattsUpWithThat "When the oceans already contain nearly two orders of magnitude more CO2 than the entire atmosphere, and when the first Earth Science experiment in grammar school is to blow through a straw into a glass of (hard) tapwater and watch the calcium carbonate precipitate out the excess CO2, and when the pH of the water in a tropical lagoon may vary three or more points over the course of a single day, how on earth could these so-called scientists be pushing this nonsense?"
pH over last 5000 years 
Montery Bay pH since 1995

Follow the money:
Climategate: Follow the money

Why the Hockey Schtick's Temperature Graph Starts in 1998:
Really Real Climate

James Hansen:
Talk in Australia

Other planets warming as well

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